WebsiteSpark Unsubscribe – is it possible?

I would say it is not. Why? Well, because they send you a broken unsubscribe links.
Of course i did that long time ago in the account options (currently cancelled) but it kept sending me various emails.
Most of them if not all, do not contain an unsubscribe link. And now they finally added the link at the footer but it does not work.
If you click it does nothing as it starts with “file:///C%7C/Users/Stephen/Desktop/Projects” etc.
This is the whole link:


Then i took only the portion which starts with http:// and pasted in the address bar.

This is what i ended with

WebsiteSpark Unsubscribe

WebsiteSpark Unsubscribe

Well guys, as you see you have to read all that crap coming from Microsoft. Don’t get me wrong, i am a MS man myself. I do .NET since its beginning but, this should not happen to such gigantic corporation like is Microsoft. Shame

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